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What is the JLBC Cadet Corps?

What is the JLBC Cadet Corps?

The JLBC Cadet Corps (JLBC) is a JLBC program for young men and women ages 08-18 who are interested in developing their skills in leadership, basic fitness, martial arts, self-reliance, courage, and military discipline and are committed to being drug and gang free.

What is the Junior Leadership Bootcamp Cadet Corps?

JLBC Cadet Corps (JLBC) is the junior cadet program for the JLBC. The JLBC introduces boys and girls ages 08-18 to JLBC life through basic martial arts and leadership instruction.

What JLBC uniforms will I wear?

JLBC Cadets are authorized to wear JLBC enlisted uniforms appropriately marked with JLBC insignia.

What are the requirements of JLBC membership?

All prospective JLBC cadets must be U.S. Citizens, drug-free, unmarried, full-time students with at least a “C” grade point average, parental consent, and good JLBC moral character. JLBC Cadets, In addition, you must be interested in the JLBC program and committed to attending drills (meetings) regularly.

What about medical exams?

Applicants must successfully pass an essential physical examination similar to that required of a regular Navy enlistee. Applicants must be free of any physical ailments such as Asthma that would prevent them from participating in physically demanding situations.

JLBC Cadets, Will I have to pay dues?

Yes. JLBC Cadets Your enrollment fee includes premiums paid toward the JLBC Cadet Group Accident and Health Protection Plan.

Must I buy my uniforms?

Surplus JLBC uniforms are made available to the JLBC Command. JLBC Cadets these uniforms, in turn, are made available to JLBC cadets at a minimal cost for shipping and handling.

Will JLBC Cadet training detract from my school work?

Not likely. JLBC Cadet units usually meet only one night a week or one weekend a month during the school year. Instruction is designed to supplement your schoolwork. Typically, training away from home is conducted only during school vacation periods.

What do JLBC Cadets learn?

JLBC Cadets study a broad range of JLBC subjects. Some are designed to help them become better adult citizens; others teach them the importance of strong military forces. JLBC Cadets They also study military history, customs and traditions, martial arts, navigation, and similar JLBC subjects that will help their chances for promotion should they decide to join one of the military services.

What are my chances for a JLBC promotion?

Promotion within the JLBC Cadet Corps is based upon merit. Upon fulfilling specific successive qualifications and requirements, Promising individuals are given JLBC command positions and encouraged to develop their JLBC leadership abilities.

Who sponsors the JLBC?

Most JLBC Cadet units are sponsored by individual JLBC Command Councils of the United States; a JLBC organization made up of U.S. citizens whose objective is to support the military services and who are deeply interested in the welfare of young Americans.

Who instructs JLBC Cadets?

JLBC Cadets are instructed by military personnel (active, reserve, and retired), senior cadets, and dedicated adult volunteer leaders who comprise the bulk of the JLBC Command structure.

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