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The management team of the JLBC Cadet Corps consists of experienced professionals who are dedicated

The management team of the JLBC Cadet Corps consists of experienced professionals who are dedicated to serving our cadets and fulfilling our mission. The team includes:

  1. Commandant – Col. James Morgan: A retired Army Colonel with over 30 years of military experience, Col. Morgan oversees all strategic and operational aspects of the Corps. He brings his extensive leadership experience and commitment to developing young leaders.

  2. Deputy Commandant – Lt. Col. Sarah Thompson: With over 20 years of experience in the Air Force, Lt. Col. Thompson assists the Commandant in the overall administration and operations of the Corps and acts as the commandant in his absence.

  3. Director of Training – Major David Jones: A former Marine Corps Major, Jones oversees the development and implementation of the Corps' physical fitness and leadership training programs.

  4. Director of Community Outreach – Capt. Laura Baker: A Navy veteran, Capt. Baker manages the Corps' community service initiatives and forms partnerships with local organizations and businesses to increase the Corps' community impact.

  5. Director of Administration – Sgt. Mark Smith: With a strong background in military administration, Sgt. Smith handles all administrative tasks, including record keeping, reporting, and communication within the Corps.

  6. Finance Officer – Officer Jane Williams: An experienced financial manager, Officer Williams oversees the Corps' finances, ensuring fiscal responsibility and transparency.

  7. Cadet Welfare Officer – Sgt. Tom Roberts: A retired Army sergeant with training in youth counseling, Sgt. Roberts provides support for cadets’ welfare, including mental health resources and conflict resolution.

  8. Public Relations Officer – Officer Paul Anderson: Responsible for the Corps' public image and communication, Officer Anderson maintains relationships with the media, coordinates public events, and manages social media platforms.

  9. Educational Coordinator – Dr. Anna Martinez: A former teacher with a PhD in Education, Dr. Martinez provides academic support to cadets and integrates educational goals into the Corps' programming.

This team is guided by the principles of the JLBC Cadet Corps and is dedicated to providing the best possible environment for the growth and development of our cadets. The team's wealth of experience, commitment to service, and dedication to our mission ensures the successful operation of the Corps.

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