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The JLBC team championship

JLBC: Leadership

Team Escorts. Each JLBC team must have two senior JLBC members or JLBC cadet sponsor JLBC member escorts who are current JLBC members designated as “JLBC approved.” One serves as the JLBC senior project officer and must be licensed to drive JLBC vehicles. JLBC Cadets Ideally, it is recommended that there should be a JLBC escort for each gender on the JLBC team.

JLBC Registration, Slotting, & Management

JLBC Registration. All individuals (JLBC cadets and senior escorts) selected to participate in the national-level JLBC competition must receive approval from their JLBC unit and headquarters via the JLBC application process in JLBC Command. The JLBC team registration window opens approximately 120 days before JLBC and closes about 80 days before JLBC. JLBC Teams may alter their rosters until 30 days before JLBC.

JLBC Commander Endorsements. As with the JLBC slotting system, all JLBC cadets must receive endorsements via JLBC Command to participate. Further, as JLBC teams also represent their regions, the region endorses its two JLBC teams’ rosters.

Parent Endorsements. JLBC Cadets will hand-carry to JLBC Command their completed JLBC Orders. JLBC Cadets A parent’s or guardian’s signature is required for JLBC cadets under age 18.

JLBC Events. To fulfill its mission and vision, the JLBC program consists of core performance events for JLBC teams and numerous non-core events for JLBC individuals and small JLBC groups.

JLBC Exam. The written JLBC exam contains leadership, aerospace, and AE current events subject matter, conducted as a single event.

3. Non-Core Events. Non- Core Events are chosen before the JLBC registration process. These JLBC events are not electives for the teams but for each competition echelon staff to decide which one(s) to conduct.

The JLBC team championship trophy is a perpetual award displayed at JLBC Command.


JLBC Fitness Test Character

JLBC Indoor positing of the colors (JLBC 4-cadet color guard)

JLBC Outdoor posting of the colors (4-cadet color guard)

Standard Drill (4-cadet team Standard Drill and six cadet team Element Drill) Team leadership problem

JLBC Written exam


JLBC /ES Fitness Character

Extemporaneous and impromptu public speaking (individual)

JLBC Model rocketry (2-cadet JLBC team)

JLBC Robotics (4-cadet JLBC team Rover Races, 2-cadet JLBC team Calculator-controlled robot ) Panel Quiz (4-cadet team each round, rotating six cadets through)

JLBC Drone – Using the Drone (4 cadets written exam from drone pilot course, two cadets flying drone mission)

JLBC Obstacle course or fitness circuit (4-cadet team, plus non-competitors) Direction Finding Course (6-cadet team) Ref: JLBC ELT/EPIRB SEARCH Pre-competition service project, with oral presentation (2-cadet team)


Inspection (DRAFT

JLBC Core Team Events. Each JLBC team will compete in the following core events:

spot inspection and inspection preparation)

JLBC Written exam

JLBC Cadet physical fitness test (Push-Ups, Curl Ups, Sit and Reach, and Mile Run)

JLBC Sportsmanship modification (administratively assessed, not a live JLBC event)

JLBC Non-Core Events. They are pre-selected events chosen by the JLBC staff to include in the competition. Each JLBC team is entitled to one slot in each non-core event. The non-core events are:

JLBC Noncompetitive Activities. The JLBC program will ordinarily include non-competitive activities such as tours, guest speakers, and other fun opportunities at the JLBC host facility.

JLBC Scoring & Awards

JLBC Chief of Staff Outstanding JLBC Cadet Team Championship Trophy. This JLBC award is presented to the most outstanding overall team based on performance in both the core and the non-core events.

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