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The JLBC Cadet Corps: A Guide for Aspiring Platoon Leaders

Title: The JLBC Cadet Corps: A Guide for Aspiring Platoon Leaders


The Junior Leader Battalion Cadet (JLBC) Corps aims to develop leadership skills and military aptitude in its members, nurturing future leaders who are well-prepared for the challenges they will face. As a Platoon Leader (PL) in the JLBC Cadet Corps, your role is vital in fostering a professional, disciplined, and effective platoon. You are responsible for executing the guidance and direction your company and battalion commanders give while mentoring your subordinates. This article will discuss the expectations placed on a PL, the importance of communication and collaboration, and the broader role of a PL in the JLBC Cadet Corps.

Clarifying Expectations

  1. Company and Battalion Commanders: You will receive guidance and direction from your company and battalion commanders as a PL. This guidance may come in the form of formal counseling or informal supervision. You must understand these expectations and communicate them effectively to your platoon.

  2. Backbriefs: Providing back briefs to your commanders is essential to ensure that you have correctly interpreted their guidance and are implementing it in the best way possible. This helps maintain a clear line of communication and fosters a collaborative environment.

  3. Platoon Integration: Understanding how your platoon fits into the company and the battalion's bigger picture is crucial to your success as a PL. Be aware of your platoon's role in the mission and ensure your actions align with the broader objectives.

Assuming Command

  1. Leadership: As a PL, you must lead by example and inspire your platoon members to excel in their duties. Demonstrate integrity, professionalism, and a strong work ethic to gain the respect and trust of your subordinates.

  2. Mentoring: Invest time in mentoring and developing your subordinates, helping them grow personally and professionally. Identify their strengths and weaknesses and provide tailored guidance to help them reach their full potential.

  3. Decision-Making: Effective decision-making is a critical skill for any PL. Develop your decision-making abilities and be prepared to make tough calls in the best interest of your platoon, company, and battalion.

  4. Communication: Clear communication is essential for success as a PL. Ensure that your platoon members understand their tasks and objectives and are aware of any changes in guidance or direction. Encourage open communication within your platoon, fostering a supportive environment where everyone feels heard.

  5. Training: Ensure your platoon is well-trained and prepared for any mission or task. Develop a comprehensive training plan that addresses the needs of your platoon and aligns with the company and battalion's objectives.

  6. Welfare: The welfare of your platoon members is a crucial responsibility as a PL. Ensure their physical, mental, and emotional well-being, and create a positive environment that promotes camaraderie and teamwork.


As a Platoon Leader in the JLBC Cadet Corps, your role is vital in shaping the military's future leaders. By understanding the expectations placed upon you and fostering an environment of communication, collaboration, and mentorship, you can successfully lead your platoon to achieve its objectives while contributing to the greater mission of the JLBC Cadet Corps. Embrace the challenge and opportunity to develop as a leader and leave a lasting impact on the lives of your platoon members.

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