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Survival Dribble

  1. "Survival Dribble": Divide the kids into teams and have each group create a relay race where they dribble the basketball through an obstacle course (made up of cones or other markers). The first team to complete the system wins.

  2. "Basketball Shelter Building": Have the kids work in small groups to build a shelter using only the basketballs as building materials. Please encourage them to think creatively and work together to create a structure that is both sturdy and protective.

  3. "Find Water with a Basketball": In this exercise, one player is chosen to be the "water finder" and must dribble the ball through the playing area while the other players try to steal the ball. If the water finder successfully dribbles the ball across a designated finish line without losing it, they "find water," and the game is over.

  4. "Basketball Fire Starting": This exercise teaches kids generally how to start a fire in a variety of survival situations. Have the kids work in teams to see who can create the most sparks by bouncing the basketball on a rough surface (such as concrete). The team that makes the most sparks wins.

  5. "Basketball Signal for Help": In this exercise, have the kids work in teams to devise creative ways to signal for help using only the basketball. They can use different bouncing patterns, throw the ball into the air, or use other methods to signal for help. The team with the most creative and effective signal wins.

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