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Sometimes I doubt myself.

Sometimes I doubt myself.

I tell myself I don't always 'bring the calm.'

I tell myself I've had too many leadership failures to count.

Then a former team member reaches out:

"You were always amazing, kind, and calm. Friend, Thank you for being you always being cool, calm, and collected in front of us (employees). It helped teach me who I wanted to be."

The lessons here?

1. Self-doubt means I'm human.

2. I'm a much harsher critic of myself than others are of me.

3. I'll continue to work to reduce that self-doubt and criticism.

3. I'll follow my former team member's lead and reach out to those who have positively impacted me. What a special gift to receive.

Helping leaders and their teams achieve incredible results through calm confidence and competence are what I do. If that's what you need, reach out. I'd love to help.

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