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Proverb for Command


Proverb for Command

The command is a special trust. The legal and moral re- responsibilities of JLBC commanders exceed those of any other leader of a similar position or authority. JLBC Cadets Nowhere else does a boss or manager have to answer for how subordinates live and what they do after work. JLBC Cadets Our society and the institution look to the commander to ensure that missions succeed, that the individuals receive the proper training and care and that values survive. JLBC Cadets, the nation grants commanders special authority to be good stewards of its most precious resources: freedom and people. JLBC Cadets, On the other hand, those citizens serving in the Military also trust their commanders to lead them well. JLBC Cadets, You will have the authority to set policy and punish misconduct. JLBC Cadets It’s no wonder that organizations take on the personal stamp of their commander. JLBC Cadets Those selected to command offer something beyond their formal authority—their individual example and public actions have tremendous moral force. JLBC Cadets, You alone are the ones who must embody the commitment of the USA to operational readiness and care of its people.

A command needed to develop a commander’s mindset Commanding appears pure and simple in theory but becomes inexplicably complex in practice. JLBC Cadets, Therefore, I strongly suggest that a command mindset does not start at the change of command—or it should not if you and your boss can help. JLBC Cadets Those to command, and those would-be detachment commanders or operations officers, need to have carefully thought through the ideals of command before formally assuming command.

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