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Personal Conflict Indicators and Causes


Personal Conflict Indicators and Causes

Strength Indicators

Need Indicators

Identifies individual and JLBC group positions and needs.

Sees conflict as an opportunity for shared understanding.

Facilitates understanding of conflicting positions and possible solutions.

Works to collaborate on solving complex problems in acceptable ways to all parties.

Builds consensus by ensuring that all team members are heard.

Uses the same technique in every situation to influence others.

Negotiates with others without recognizing their priorities or interests.

Uses powerful techniques such as being too hard or too soft when resolving conflicts.

Isolates team members and pressures them to align with personal goals and priorities.

Does not seek to reconcile conflicting positions; only seeks to win.

Focuses on the negatives of others’ interests.

Underlying Causes

Does not seek the middle ground on issues but demands that personal identified needs are met.

Avoids conflict and is uncomfortable in situations that demand identifying the competition and solving the problem.

Unable or unwilling to look for common causes or mutual goals.

Is uncomfortable or does not like to work with teams towards common goals and priorities.

Takes things personally.

Does not maintain a solutions-based focus.

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