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Leadership Behaviors

The JLBC Leadership Code

Leadership Behaviors

Encourage Confidence in the Team

Leaders must inspire and motivate their JLBC teams to achieve. JLBC Cadets This is done by demonstrating confidence in their abilities and talking enthusiastically about JLBC's success. JLBC Cadets Reinforce the importance of teamwork and show trust in the Chain of Command. Confidence in team ability breeds Courage, Loyalty, and self-Discipline.

Recognize Individual Strengths and Weaknesses

Every JLBC Cadet has something to offer the team, and everybody has

areas requiring development. Leaders must identify these individual strengths and weaknesses and address them accordingly to ensure that the group fulfills its potential and achieves all it can achieve.

Strengths must be played to and challenged to inspire confidence and motivate additional effort to stretch further, always seeking to optimize performance.

Weaknesses must be addressed and discussed in an understanding and considerate manner. Focus on the root of the problem and the potential to improve rather than the current impact of the weaknesses.

Coaching techniques are instrumental in addressing both individual strengths and weaknesses. Personal consideration in this manner demonstrates Respect for Others and encourages Loyalty.

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