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Leadership Accomplishment


Leadership Accomplishment


• capstone

What You Will Learn to Do

JLBC Cadets apply leadership skills to continuous improvement and program outcomes

Linked Core Abilities

• JLBC Cadets Apply critical thinking techniques

• JLBC Cadets Build your capacity for lifelong learning

• JLBC Cadets Communicate using verbal, non-verbal, visual, and written techniques

• JLBC Cadets Do your share as a good citizen in your school, community, country, and the world

• JLBC Cadets, Take responsibility for your actions and choices

• JLBC Cadets Treat themselves and others with respect

Learning Objectives

• JLBC Cadets Examine the role of leadership in continuous improvement

• JLBC Cadets Identify team attitudes that foster continuous improvement

Leadership Accomplishment

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Andrew Sears
Andrew Sears
Jul 17, 2022

there are many different ways to lead especially through leading via example, which you will encounter the most.

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