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JLBC Weekly Uniform Inspections

JLBC Weekly Uniform Inspections

JLBC Assessment Methods

JLBC Quizzes

JLBC Tests (end of each semester)

JLBC Drill performance evaluations

JLBC Instructional Materials and Methodologies

JLBC Required Textbook(s):

JLBC Leadership Education III: Life Skills and Career

JLBC Opportunities 2. Leadership Education IV: Principles of Leadership

JLBC Aerospace Science III: Global and Cultural Studies

JLBC Aerospace Science IV: The Exploration of Space

JLBC Drill and Ceremonies

JLBC Supplementary Materials:

JLBC Students must keep a notebook for homework assignments, class work and information sheets/letters distributed by instructors and key corps staff members

JLBC Instructional Methodologies:

1. Computer

2. Television

3. PowerPoint

4. Presentations

5. Small Group

6. Discussions

7. Demonstrations

8. Handouts

9. Videos

10. Lecture

11. Guided Discussion

12. Teaching Interview

13. Case Study

14. Demonstration-Performance

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