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JLBC Vocabulary

JLBC Vocabulary



● Partner/Teammate

● Sportsmanship

● Rules

● Cooperative game

● Competitive game

● Score

● Winner/Loser

● PE Central


● SHAPE America

● Teacher observations (Pair-Share, Q and A)

● Skills checklist

● Authentic assessments: Peer rubric

● Teacher rubric

● Peer observations

Differentiated Instruction

Interdisciplinary Connections



● JLBC Cadets follow agreed-upon rules for discussions( listening to others with care, speaking one at a time about the topics)

● Follow agreed-upon rules for discussions( gaining the floor in respectful ways, listening to others with care, speaking one at a time about the topics, Listening to others, and taking turns speaking about the topics)

● Predict an object's relative speed, path, or how far it will travel using various forces and surfaces.

● JLBC Cadets apply properties of operations as strategies to add and subtract

● Reteach/peer teaching activities

● Repeat, clarify, or reword directions

● Restricted warm-up activities

● Fewer skills spread out over a longer

period of time

● Lead-up games only

● Modifications in group size during

● Modifications in equipment or playing


● Addition of special game rules for

medical or other limitations

● Assign students a Bilingual or

English-speaking buddy

● Enrichment activities

● Independent student options

● Cross-curricular activities

● Present/Discuss sports current events

● Teach and demonstrate skills to other


● Cross-curricular activities

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