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Goals: Introduce new JLBC cadets to all five elements of the JLBC - Junior Leadership Bootcamp Cadet Program, equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary for completing JLBC Achievement 1; develop in new JLBC cadets positive attitudes toward JLBC leadership and an appreciation for the JLBC cadet ethic.

2. JLBC Leadership

JLBC Block Objectives

a. JLBC Cadets Describe techniques for active listening

b. JLBC Cadets Define the concept of “leadership” and describe related concepts such as

“discipline,” “teamwork,” “attitude,” and “military bearing”

c. Explain why learning to follow is the first step in becoming a leader

d. Explain the purpose of the drill and perform basic drill movements proficiently

e. Describe the concept of a “chain of command” and identify grade insignia

f. Describe the purpose and practice of basic military customs and


g. Describe the purpose of the uniform in JLBC; identify basic standards

governing the wear of the uniform Lessons

Followership & Drill

2.1 Leadership Foundations 1

2.11 Teambuilding: Identity Crisis

2.12 Drill & Ceremonies 1

2.13 Drill & Ceremonies 2

2.14 Drill & Ceremonies 3

2.15 Drill & Ceremonies 4

Teamwork & The Chain of Command

2.2 Leadership Foundations 2 2.21 Grade Insignia

Customs & Courtesies

2.3 Leadership Foundations 3 2.31 Customs & Courtesies Lab

The Uniform

2.4 Leadership Foundations 4 2.41 Wear of the Uniform Lab 2.42 Uniform Inspection & Tutorial

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