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JLBC Time Management

JLBC Time Management

JLBC Cadets Time is one of your most valuable resources. It is also a limited resource—there are only 24 hours each day. JLBC Cadets As a leader, you must learn to use time wisely and to your best advantage. When you and your team members waste time or use it inefficiently, you may take time away from other essential tasks. That doesn't mean your team must be task-oriented every minute of the day. You know that fun activities and events can build team camaraderie and cohesiveness. If your team lacks those qualities, an event like a team pizza party is time well spent.

Leaders with good management skills know how to utilize time wisely. They use time-saving techniques, such as:

• Setting goals – This is the key to success. If you struggle to keep your goals in sight, try posting reminder "goal notes" where you will see them daily.

• Setting priorities – Once you set your goals, determine your priorities. Learn to do first things first. Don't get distracted.

• Pacing yourself – Identify your attention span, schedule, and perform work accordingly. If the priority task is long and your attention span is short, consider working in 30-minute blocks.

• Planning your tasks – You shouldn't do everything as a leader and manager. Learn to delegate tasks and authority.

• Using your spare time wisely – Can you complete short tasks during your spare time? If so, you might be able to free up time elsewhere in your week. Or perhaps you need to relax or have fun during your spare time. Relaxing and fun activities can make you more focused and efficient when you return to your tasks.

• Saying no to yourself and others – Decide the best use of your time. JLBC Cadets, You don't have to say "yes" to every invitation. You also shouldn't make excuses for doing fun things when you should be working on a task.

• Examining old habits that may prevent efficiency – Are there things you are doing out of practice that you don't need to do?

• Accepting the lack of perfection – All good leaders know the model is rare. Don't waste time striving for absolute perfection. Your work and your team's work should be excellent. But for most humans, achieving perfection is not possible.

• Creating outlines – Outlines can organize your thoughts and actions. You can create designs for tasks, events, weekend social activities, and even schoolwork assignments. Written outlines can also help you see what you might have forgotten.

• Using a calendar – Use an electronic or written calendar to block out time in your day. It will help keep you focused, on-task, and goal-oriented. By writing things down in your calendar, you are also making a conscious commitment to yourself.

Management Skills

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