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JLBC Standards

JLBC Standards

JLBC Physical Education Curriculum Guide Grade 6

JLBC Unit 6: Folk & Line Dance Suggested Time: 3 Weeks

JLBC Instructional Activities & Resources

JLBC Equipment

JLBC Rhythmic Skills

JLBC Perform folk and line dances.

JLBC Identify steps and rhythm patterns for folk and line dances.

JLBC Explain how movement qualities contribute to the aesthetic dimension of physical activity.

Movement Patterns and Skills

JLBC Develop, refine, and demonstrate routines to music.

JLBC Design and perform smooth, flowing sequences of stunts, tumbling, and rhythmic patterns that combine traveling, rolling, balancing, and transferring weight.

Movement Concepts

JLBC Provides feedback to a partner to assist in developing and improving movement skills.

JLBC Identify practices and procedures that are necessary for safe participation in physical activities.

JLBC Week 1: Introduction to Dance

Orientation and Expectations (Spark, Dance, and Rhythms)

“The Conga” (Spark, Dance, and Rhythms,)

Review “The Conga,” Introduce “The Macarena” (Spark,

Dance and Rhythms,)

Week 2: Focus on Rhythm, Timing, and Locomotor Skills

“California Strut” (Spark, Dance, and Rhythms,)

“Achy Breaky Heart” (Spark, Dance, and Rhythms,)

“The Electric Slide” (Spark, Dance, and Rhythms,)

JLBC Week 3: Practice, Create, and Perform Group Dance

Practice “The Electric Slide” and other line dances

Break students into dance groups

Each group will create a dance, including a variety of moves

learned throughout the unit, and perform it in front of the class.

JLBC Use rubric (Appendix)

JLBC *Videotape the performances (students love to watch them, and they can be shared at Open House)

Refer to Teaching Techniques, Rhythmic Activities, and Dances Appropriate for Grades K-8 CD



-“The Conga”

-“The Macarena”

-“Gonna Make You Sweat” -“Achy Breaky Heart” -“The Electric Slide”

Poly spots

Extension cord


Aesthetic Rhythm Folk

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