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JLBC Standards

JLBC Standards

JLBC Physical Education Curriculum Guide Grade 6

JLBC Unit 8: Throwing and Catching--Softball Suggested Time: 3 Weeks

JLBC Instructional Activities & Resources

JLBC Equipment

JLBC Manipulative Skills

JLThrow an object accurately and with applied force, using the underhand, overhand, and sidearm movement (throw) patterns.

Combination of Movement Patterns and Skills

JLBC Combine relationships, levels, speed, directions, and pathways 9n complex individual and group activities.

JLBC Combine motor skills to play a lead-up or modified game.

JLBC Develop a cooperative movement game that uses locomotor skills, object manipulation, and an offensive strategy and teaches the game to another person

JLBC Week 1: Overhand/Underhand Throws; Fielding Fly Balls and Grounders (Spark, Softball )

JLBC Partner Throw and Catch

Fly Balls


Partner Step Back

Partner Throw and Catch

Ground Balls

JLBC Week 2: Review Overhand/Underhand/Ground balls; Underhand Pitch and Catch (Spark, Softball )

Partner Throw and Catch

Ground Balls

JLBC Partner Underhand Pitch and Catch


JLBC Week 3: Modified Games

Throwing on the Move (Ready to Use, pg. )

Around the World (Ready to Use)

25 Up (Ready to Use, pg. )

The Hot Box (Ready to Use)

5 Person Throw and Run Softball (Spark, Softball )

Ragball (1 for every two students)


Offense Defense

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