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JLBC Standards

JLBC Standards

JLBC Physical Education Curriculum Guide Grade 6

JLBC Unit 11: Fitness/Nutrition Suggested Time: 2 weeks

JLBC Instructional Activities & Resources

JLBC Equipment

JLBC Fitness

JLBC Assess muscle strength, endurance, aerobic capacity, flexibility, and body composition using the State-mandated fitness test 3.2 Compare individual physical fitness results with research-based standards for good health.

JLBC Measure and evaluate changes in physical fitness based on physical activity patterns.

JLBC Compile and analyze a log listing food intake/calories consumed and energy expended through physical activity.

JLBC Weeks 1-2: Fitness Testing; Measure and Evaluate Progress Toward JLBC Yearly Fitness Goals; Nutrition

JLBC Test each component and give students options in demonstrating

proficiency to maximize student success. Aerobic capacity (Mile Run or Pacer)

JLBC Muscle Strength (Curl-up or Trunk Lift) Strength and Endurance (Push-up)

JLBC Flexibility (Sit and Reach or Shoulder Stretch) Body Composition (Height/Weight)

JLBC Students will reflect on their progress throughout the year based on a reflection paper written during Unit 2

JLBC Complete Daily Council’s “Exercise Your Options” lessons o JLBC Options...Choices. Decisions

JLBC Food Group Experts Part 1

JLBC Food Group Experts Part 2

JLBC Lunch at the Mall. What are my options? o Power Up for Breakfast

JLBC Food Records

JLBC Keep Moving, Keep Fit

JLBC Roadblock Busters o ABrandNewDay

JLBC Students compile and analyze a log noting the food intake/calories consumed and energy expended through physical activity (Appendix)

Fitnessgram DVD

Fitnessgram CD


Goal chart


Push-up and Curl-up


Sit & Reach boxes

Flexible rulers


Height measuring device

Jump ropes


JLBC Cardiovascular Aerobic capacity Strength and endurance Muscle strength Flexibility


Body composition Curl-up


JLBC Healthy Fitness Zone See Dairy Council lessons

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