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JLBC Standards

JLBC Standards

JLBC Physical Education Curriculum Guide

Grade 6

JLBC Unit 13: Create a Game/Reflection

JLBC Suggested Time: 2 Weeks Instructional Activities & Resources



JLBC Accept responsibility for individual improvement.

JLBC Combination of Movement Patterns and Skills

JLBC Identify characteristics of highly-skilled performances to improve one’s performance

JLBC Develop an individual or dual game that uses a manipulative skill, two different offensive strategies, and a scoring system and teaches it to another person.

JLBC Week 1: Create a Game; Game Presentations

Brainstorm individual or dual game ideas

Use Create a Game criterion (Appendix)

Practice and refine games students created

Complete game sheet

Present the game

Assess the game using a rubric (Appendix)

JLBC Week 2: Game presentations (continued); Self and Class Reflection

Complete game sheet

Present the game

Assess the game using a rubric (Appendix)

Question/Reflection Sheet (Appendix)

JLBC Fill out

Discuss as a class

JLBC Students will reflect on their progress from this year and write a

one-page fitness reflection paper (Appendix)

JLBC Class Activity

JLBC Cadets Vote on the most favorite activity of the year o Play that actions on the last day

JLBC Miscellaneous equipment (e.g., cones, pints, racquets, goals, mats, poly spots, frisbees, flags, bats)

JLBC Vocabulary

JLBC Manipulative skill Offensive strategy Scoring system Reflection

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