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JLBC Standard #3:

JLBC Cadet Corps: Leadership Roles

Leadership and Management

JLBC Standard #3: JLBC Cadets emerge as experienced leaders ready to succeed in college and career.



JLBC Cadets who complete this section of the Leadership Roles will be prepared to serve within the structure of the JLBC Command Brigade and 1st Corps, serve successfully in senior-JLBC level leadership positions within the JLBC Cadet Corps and contribute to the success of their JLBC program and activities through the practice of JLBC leadership and management skills.

Plan of Action:

1. Explain the differences between Management and Leadership and how to manage and lead successfully.

2. Define authority, responsibility, and accountability; how they interact in the delegation process; and how leaders/managers delegate tasks to followers to accomplish a mission.

3. Describe why Leadership Counseling is necessary, how and when it is appropriate, and practice the process presented.

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