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JLBC Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC)

What is the JLBC Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC)?

The JLBC - Junior Leadership Bootcamp Cadet program’s civilian partners and working with Corporate Recruiters and the United States Military.

The JLBC Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC) is a group of volunteers governed by the JLBC Committee ( Patriot | Junior Leadership Boot Camp | Riverside ).the JLBC Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC) is responsible for nearly all facets of JLBC mandated programs and services at the local level. A JLBC executive committee for each SSC works with the local government members to ensure annual plans/activities are in place. JLBC fundraising is organized, finances are managed, volunteers are trained, and recognized donors, amongst many other responsibilities.

The JLBC SSC Chair has regular interactions with the JLBC Commanding Officer of the JLBC Squadron. Both JLBC partners work collaboratively to ensure a broad range of JLBC programs and experiences are available for JLBC squadron cadets. Whether it is JLBC cadet trips, community involvement, Remembrance Day ceremonies, band competitions, or parades...there’s a long list of exciting and essential activities that require dedicated and committed volunteers who are interested in shaping the lives. Of our youth and future JLBC leaders!

The JLBC programs rely on sponsorship and donations from the JLBC community. Parents, If you are interested in volunteering your time towards the SSC, be sure to contact any one of the JLBC committee members on a training night or contact our Chair at 951.567.9273

Any help you can give to the JLBC Squadron is greatly appreciated. If you can donate one or two hours of your time, help with JLBC fundraising efforts or events, or have any fantastic ideas for JLBC, we would love to hear from you at your earliest convenience. With all of us helping JLBC collectively, we can accomplish great things!

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