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JLBC Specific responsibilities include:

JLBC Specific responsibilities include:

- Serve as second-in-the command of the company and assume control in the commander’s absence.

- Directly supervise the Academic Officer, Athletic Officer, Human Affairs Officer, Supply Sergeant, and R & D Sergeant.

- Be the commander’s action officer for company training meetings.

- Be the commander’s action officer for company duty teams.

Company Academic Officer. The mission of the Academic Officer is to assist the Company Commander in establishing, maintaining- ing, and monitoring an organizational climate that optimizes the ability of each cadet in the company to excel in the academic pillar.

Specific responsibilities include:

- Assist the chain of command in maintaining the proper ESP environment.

- Establish and maintain a liaison with the Company's Academic Advisor.

- Establish and maintain liaisons with campus academic offices such as the Academic Support Center, Career Center, and Library.

- Receive and act on guidance from the Company TAC, Company Commander, and Battalion Academic Officer and keep them informed about matters involving company performance in the academic pillar.

- Perform prescribed duties relating to class absences, academic incentives, and academic counseling, and keep the Company TAC informed of trends and specific issues.

- Administer the Company Tutor Program.

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