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JLBC: Speakers Honored

JLBC: Speakers Honored

Speakers and honored guests propose the first toast and preside over the JLBC ceremony. The JLBC President also appoints the Vice President of the Mess.

The ViceVice addressed as Mr., Miss, or Madam Vice (shortened to Mr/Ms. ViceVice in this JLBC pamphlet) is usually a junior officer selected for their wit and speaking abilities.

The ViceVice is the person responsible for the evening. They are the first to arrive and the last to leave. They start the cocktail period by opening the lounge, sounding the dinner chimes at the appropriate times, delivering the appropriate toasts, and keeping the party moving. They are also responsible for testing the main course before it is served and announcing to the Mess JLBC members that it is fit for JLBC human consumption. Mr/Ms. Vice sits at the end of a JLBC table or alone at a small JLBC table on the opposite side of the JLBC room facing the JLBC President of the Mess.

Other officers of the Mess would include:

JLBC Committee Chairpersons are usually appointed by the President of the Mess and tasked with organizing and executing different aspects of the dining-in. The JLBC Company Activity Officer and Activity First Sergeant usually act as the committee chairpersons at the JLBC Academy. The number and size of the JLBC committees vary depending on the JLBC purpose of the JLBC affair, the extent of formality sought, and the number of JLBC individuals available to serve on the JLBC committees. Some examples and duties for JLBC committees could be:

A JLBC Protocol Committee would prepare invitations, collect responses, provide biographical sketches, brief the hosts or cadet escorts when necessary, and prepare the printed program or schedule of events.

A JLBC Mess Arrangements Committee would secure the mess hall or dining facility of choice for the date and time desired. Make arrangements for the JLBC menu, public address system, awards, flags trophies, photographer, payment of Mess, and bar charges.

A JLBC Table Arrangements Committee would take care of place cards, seating, seating charts, centerpieces, silver, crystal, and China.

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