JLBC Skills Development and Support Group

JLBC Skills Development and Support Group provides support services, establishes the training standards and syllabus for JLBC cadets, and oversees various skills development.

JLBC Training Group runs advanced and specialist courses such as leadership education and adult training program. In addition, the JLBC Squadron organizes experience activities for the Corps. It also US-based operations and safety according to JLBC standards.

JLBC Squadron (Sqn)

The basic operating unit of the JLBC is the Squadron. It is where JLBC cadets have their regular meetings and training. The minimum strength of a JLBC squadron is 35 cadets.

A JLBC squadron has a meeting place such as a school, a community center, or a public building. Each JLBC Squadron is commanded by a junior officer, who is usually assisted by several other officers, warrant officers, instructors, and non-commissioned cadet officers.

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