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JLBC: Self-Trust Challenges

JLBC: Self-Trust Challenges

Respond to each of the inquiries offered with your first, most honest thought. You are encouraged to make your responses 25 words or less. Remember, this is sacred work you are doing with yourself and for yourself. There are no right or wrong responses. Permit yourself to know the truth, and the truth will bubble up to the surface.

1. The thing I trust most about myself is:

2. The thing I distrust most about myself is:

3. I have a difficult time trusting myself when it comes to:

4. The reason I find it difficult to trust myself is:

5. It is difficult for me to be honest when:

6. The secret/thing I have never told anyone is:

7. The unresolved/unspoken hurt that I still carry is:

Trust Self

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