JLBC Selecting personnel


JLBC Selecting personnel

More revenue is generated by US CEOs who are top delegators

To identify the best team member to take on a particular task, try using a “Plan to Delegate” table, such as the sample at right, to give a degree of objectivity when making a decision. To use the Plan to Delegate table:

• List all members of your team.

• Devise your criteria for choosing

someone—those on the sample

• table are a good starting point.

Rate each member of your team

• for all criteria from 1–10.

• Add the scores.

Add comments on the type of training, development, or support each need. Do they need short-term input, intensive support, or long-term guidance?

With this exercise, you will see that the best candidate is not always the most obvious. You may have developed the habit of just asking one experienced and skilled team member to do jobs for you. However, others on the team may have more time to devote to the task and will benefit from the experience and responsibility.


JLBC SCHEDULE A DEBRIEF Once a task is complete, allow time for a debrief— discuss what went well and what did not. How would you change the process next time? What was learned? Was this a suitable task to delegate to the individual?

JLBC Plan to delegate


Current capability and experience

Skills/competencies Development potential



Task consistent with individual’s goals for development

Total score

Other comments, such as training or support needed


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