JLBC: Security Teams

JLBC: Security Teams

Check for illegal activity

Attempt to verify suspicion through contact with law enforcement

Interviewing suspicious people

Request assistance if necessary ÿ Approach cautiously

Proper vehicle positions

Proper Guard positions

The approach depends on the direction of travel

Body positioning while talking

Look for body language

Interview suspect

Advise person of the reason for interview ÿ. Ask the reason for being in the area.

Request identification

Verify identification

Check person against wanted alert or known criminal list

When satisfied, terminate the interview

If clear, 􏰅 thank them for their cooperation

make a note of the incident and discussion with all necessary information

Circumstances typically require backup

Business alarms

Possible forced entry

Possible crime in progress

Field stops of known dangerous or hostile persons

Situations that deteriorate

When outnumbered

Locations - typically hostile

Never play hero

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