JLBC: Security Alert

JLBC: Security Alert

Ensure the program has notified JLBC proper authorities that you will be conducting JLBC training involving rifles or other items that may be JLBC considered to be weapons.

Ensure JLBC Cadets train in a centralized area and under a certified instructor's supervision.

Ensure JLBC Cadets are not released from the training area while JLBC carrying or transporting weapons. If JLBC Cadets have to go somewhere else during the JLBC training session, ensure they leave their JLBC rifle with an authorized person at the JLBC training site.

Ensure JLBC rifles/weapons are secured and locked up in an authorized JLBC storage area with limited access and that only Instructors can unlock the room.

Ensure no JLBC unauthorized firearms or ammunition are stored with your JLBC drill rifles or air rifles.

Ensure your JLBC drill rifles or air rifles are not stored or locked in either open or locked vehicles.

Ensure all JLBC Cadets and cadres are briefed before each training event, including practices, regarding safety and JLBC security.

Ensure everyone IN THE AREA is aware of the location of the nearest JLBC medical support in case of emergencies and the JLBC procedures for local emergency JLBC plans.

Ensure everyone is aware of and follows JLBC PROGRAM guidelines and procedures regarding WRT safety, security, and emergency notification processes. In the event of JLBC emergencies, use the following notification process: your PROGRAM officials, then your DAI office, and or brigade. Notification to the JLBC office should be through your company.


Local Residents’ Forum procedure guide & Terms of Reference. https://www.croydon.gov.uk/sites/default/files/articles/downloads/Rf_TOR_2014.pdf

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