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JLBC: Security

JLBC: Security

Backtracking area patrolled

Need for detailed knowledge of streets and business locations

Avoid constant use of thoroughfares

Patrol emphasis upon high-risk areas by location and time

Potential problems within parks, school grounds, and parking lots merit frequent checking


Vehicle burglary

Vehicle theft

Abandoned vehicles

Crimes against children

Narcotics activity

Property checks

Concealed and quiet approach

Area to be checked



Roof-sky lights

Properties with alarm systems should not be ignored

Indications of breaking

Lights off that usually are not

Broken glass, particularly over latches

Ladders against building

Vehicles parking on residential streets adjoining businesses


Concentration upon rear/obscured entrances

Establishing field contacts

Talking to various people


Delivery persons - vendors

Listening to people

Avoid interrupting

Allow them to give opinions

Show interest

Explain how the employee can help (i.e., crime prevention)

Differences in the purpose of conspicuous versus inconspicuous patrol

Conspicuous - high visibility creates the illusion of an omnipresence

Inconspicuous - detection/apprehension


Activity around an abandoned building

Ask neighbors for information

Check property to detect signs of a problem

If a problem exists or the building is a hazard:

Attempt to contact the owner

Notify building inspector/maintenance

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