JLBC: Security

JLBC: Security

JLBC, whether responding to a location on foot or mobile unit, the responding Guard(s), while approaching, shall follow a set of guidelines developed with Guard safety in mind:

Observe the parking areas in the immediate area for all vehicles parked or moving about

Pause for a moment to listen and look for signs of suspicious or dangerous activity

Use concealment to minimize detection.

Notify the dispatcher of your location and of the circumstances that you initially observe

If the backup is anticipated, request becoming involved in a situation.

When responding to a building that has been entered by force, always wait for backup and notify the police before entering.

Guards should stay together and know each other's location

Illuminate the area as much as possible to avoid shadows and aid in discovering intruders. Immediately assess the extent and any people that you may encounter. People may be employees, visitors, or unauthorized.


Check for unusual activity

Prior knowledge

Involvement in street transactions

Out of place for time and area

Undue attention to security

Compare the identity of vehicles and people to wanted alerts ÿ. Verify identification (as legally permitted)

Driver􏰀s license

State or local I.D. card

Vehicle registration

Local telephone verification

Factors indicating suspicious occupants of a vehicle

A person does not fit Vehicle

Vehicle in improper condition

Cars and people do not check the area

Erratic driving

Unusual activity


Parked in a residential street next to business

Burglars􏰀 tools

Vehicle and persons fit the description of the wanted alert


Determine whether the Vehicle should be followed

Follow at a safe distance (follow department policy)

Watch for other vehicles; maybe more than one involved ÿ. Contact law enforcement authorities and advise of the situation

Vehicles containing suspicious people

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