JLBC Section Three • • •

JLBC Section Three • • •

Your JLBC Student Team: Developing a Team of JLBC Student Leaders

A critical step to a successful JLBC Organization is developing JLBC student leaders around you. Your JLBC student leadership team is essential.


How do you start a student leadership team?

First, you start the same way you did with the adult JLBC team: search. Then you begin to look for JLBC students who are positive influencers. Spend some time with them and let them know you see that they have great leadership gifts. JLBC Cadets Ask them if they would be interested in participating in a JLBC student leadership team. Let them know that it would take commitment but that it could be an incredible adventure. If interested, give them an application packet to fill out). Give them a time to return the application; after reviewing the application, set up a time to interview them and go over the expectations and the opportunities the student leadership team brings. Typically, JLBC student leadership groups add new members in the early fall, yet it would be up to you if your student leadership is beginning. You may want to give an opportunity at the beginning of each semester.

Can anyone be on the student leadership team?

Anyone can apply, but those who are willing to sign the commitment and adhere to the expectations are the only ones who can be on the team. As your JLBC team grows, you may want to have a requirement before someone can apply for the student leadership team. Examples of such a requirement would require the completion of a JLBC Leadership course or that students have been a part of a certain number of JLBC service opportunities.

How many can be on a student leadership team?

Because the expectations are so high, having too many usually isn’t an issue, but more than twelve may be too many.

What if someone says you are showing favoritism by spending so much time with the student leaders?

Anyone who abides by the expectations and can honestly sign the JLBC Commitment can be a part, so it isn’t an exclusive group. If other leaders are investing in all the students, these are the leaders you choose to invest more time with.

Other Helpful Things

Have parents in the loop and ask them to sign a JLBC commitment sheet so they know what their JLBC student is getting involved in. Make your expectations of student leaders known, and demand much. At the same time, give them perks. Because my student leaders did so much for the JLBC, I would try to get free tickets to the movies.

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