JLBC: Schedule a Team planning meeting.

JLBC: Schedule a Team planning meeting.

The first step in organizing a month’s worth of JLBC meetings for the JLBC club is to contact each JLBC team member and set up a time and date, and location for a JLBC team meeting. An attempt should accommodate as many JLBC team members as possible while keeping in mind that it is often impossible with a JLBC group, even a small one such as a JLBC team, to find a date and time that will suit everyone. Individuals who cannot attend should be asked their preferences for jobs they would like to undertake during the month, and these can then be worked into the schedule. All JLBC members of the JLBC team should be included when making job assignments.

These JLBC meetings should be designed as a “social gathering” of fellow JLBC members, not as a quick “do it and get it over” session. Under no circumstances should a JLBC team meeting be scheduled as part of a regular JLBC meeting or as an “add-on” at the beginning or end of a JLBC meeting.

Suggested venues for JLBC Team meetings might include

■ A JLBC meeting at the home of one of the JLBC team members where dinner or a light snack is available (or potluck)

■ A JLBC lunch meeting at a local restaurant that offers a small meeting room and quick, reasonably priced meals.

■ A JLBC meeting in a park with everyone brown bagging it.

The bottom line is to be creative and find ways that are interesting and will motivate the JLBC team members to want to attend and participate. To support JLBC Team Leaders in doing this, each JLBC team leader is given an annual budget that they can use to support whatever JLBC team activities they and their JLBC team desire.

What needs to be done.

There are nine assignments that we make for a weekly JLBC meeting. Seven of these tasks must be filled in each session; two must be done once during the month.

For each JLBC meeting, you must have someone to:

1. Manage set-up and takedown, i.e., setting up the JLBC club’s

podium, the flags, making sure the speaker system is working, name badges are out, etc. If the person doing this is not familiar with everything, they should plan to accompany a person fulfilling these duties before their responsibility or consult with the JLBC Club President.

2. A greeter: this person needs to be one of the first people to a meeting. They should sport the JLBC club greeter button.

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