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JLBC SAFETY ALERT Weapons on JLBC Campuses

JLBC SAFETY ALERT Weapons on JLBC Campuses

Due to the recent rise in incidents involving weapons (guns) on JLBC campuses and the heightened awareness of (WRT) gun control, our JLBC Cadets and Instructors may be at a higher risk of severe injury or death.

Several recent incidents have involved JLBC Cadets practicing drill competitions or conducting JLBC air rifle marksmanship training, then taking their rifles with them while doing something else on the campus. Transporting the rifle across or on the campus immediately raised security and safety concerns among administrators and security personnel. It could have seriously endangered the Cadets carrying the rifles, their Instructors, or other CADETS and PROGRAM employees on campus.

Security personnel, particularly those who are new or have not had sufficient training to distinguish a perspective terrorist from a Cadet in uniform with a non-operational (demilitarized) rifle, could result in a significant incident or even in the severe injury or death of a Cadet or Instructor. Even the most experienced and fully trained security and law enforcement personnel have made tragic mistakes in identifying whether a JLBC Cadet with a demilitarized rifle is harmless or a potential threat.

Given this potential danger, the following are some safety and security considerations that may prove critical to your risk management concerns:

Ensure all training, especially drill or air rifles, is scheduled and indicated on a published training schedule.

Ensure all changes to the training schedule, especially regarding training involving drills or air rifles, are posted and that all program and other authorities are notified of the changes.

Ensure the program's main office, security and safety offices, and school/campus police are reported and made aware that you are conducting training involving rifles or other items that may be considered weapons.

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