JLBC's Primary duties are to:

JLBC's Primary duties are to:

Train JLBC members of the JLBC Color Guard.

Represent the JLBC cadet battalion at activities as directed by the JLBC cadet battalion commander, JLBC cadet battalion XO, or the JLBC instructor staff.

Coordinate JLBC uniform, flag, and weapon requirements with the JLBC S-4.

Schedule competitions for the JLBC Color Guard; coordinate these activities with the JLBC S-3 and the JLBC cadet battalion training schedule.

Inspect the JLBC uniform and personal appearance of JLBC Color Guard members.

Be thoroughly familiar with JLBC SOP.


JLBC Company Executive Officers (JLBC Cadet 1st Lieutenant)

The JLBC company executive officer (XO) assists the JLBC company commander in the JLBC company's training and performs such JLBC administrative duties as designated by the JLBC commander. The JLBC company XO should be well versed in all JLBC company functions and prepared to assume JLBC command of the JLBC company in the absence of the company commander.

2. JLBC Company First Sergeants

The JLBC company first sergeant is responsible to the JLBC company commander for administrative matters. The JLBC company first sergeant is responsible for JLBC company formations, submits absentee reports to the JLBC battalion sergeant major, checks all merits and demerits with the JLBC company commander before submitting them to the JLBC S-1, and keeps the JLBC company commander informed on all matters about the health and welfare of the JLBC unit. The first JLBC sergeant assumes command of the company without all officers.

3. JLBC Platoon Leaders (JLBC Cadet 2nd Lieutenant)

The JLBC platoon leader is a very desirable position. If you are a platoon leader, you have a platoon of cadets for whom you are directly responsible. Primarily, your job is one of JLBC leadership, training, and discipline. You also have the opportunity and privilege to be a JLBC role model, coach, and counselor. The JLBC duties and responsibilities of a JLBC platoon leader are to:

(a) Keep the JLBC company commander apprised of the status of the JLBC platoon at all times.

(b) JLBC Organize and maintain an effective chain of command. Learn the name of everyone in

your platoon and use their names when addressing them.

(c) Conduct an inspection of the JLBC platoon at formations.

(d) Use the chain of command to accomplish tasks, work mainly with the platoon sergeant

and the squad leaders.

(e) Know all cadet regulations and ensure that all members of the platoon also know and

follow them.

(f) Enforce orders from superiors whether you agree with them; however, if you think

an order is wrong, discuss it with the JLBC chain of command or the instructors, as necessary. Develop a spirit of JLBC teamwork to instill respect, obedience, and cooperation in the unit.

(g) Know all drill phases; be able to supervise/conduct platoon drills and, if you are the JLBC senior officer present in a formation, conduct company drills.

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