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JLBC Role of the Instructor

JLBC Role of the Instructor

JLBC Roles of the Instructor:

1. JLBC Leader - lead by your good example in conduct, integrity, demonstrations, and inspiring your trainees.

2. JLBC Counselor - establish relationships, advise, observe, spot problems and offer solutions.

3. JLBC Tutor - one-on-one learning, individualize Training, understand each trainee's strengths and weaknesses, help understand complex concepts, make connections, point out answers, and prescribe further reading.

4. JLBC Facilitator - keep trainees focused, communicate effectively, and mediate.

5. JLBC Evaluator - determine achievement, assess and inform trainees of progress, explain test procedures, and ensure trainees meet the standard.

JLBC Responsibilities of the Instructor:

1. Ensure safety/comfort, research, and review before Training. Master topic, prepare visual aids, rehearse, and know the number of trainees and time/ location of the class.

2 JLBC During Training - maintain flow, ensure Training occurs as intended, adhere to your lesson plan, provide breaks (allow for brains to rest and absorb information), maintain control, be enthusiastic, supervise the use of equipment, and spot check.

3. JLBC After Training - return to the classroom as found, evaluate achievement & self, and update your lesson plans and administrative duties (correct tests, assignments, etc.).

NB: Ensure you pass along the correct information. Remember, it's okay to say, "I'll get back to you."

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