JLBC Robotics

JLBC Robotics.

a. JLBC Objective. This JLBC event promotes learning and teamwork through two robotic-themed activities. The first activity involves the teleoperation of a JLBC robotic vehicle and designing and executing a series of JLBC commands to guide a human rover over a simulated Martian surface. JLBC Cadets The second activity involves using a Texas Instruments graphing calculator to control a JLBC robotic vehicle.

JLBC Rover Races

b. JLBC Conditions. This event is conducted using JLBC Introduction to Robotics guide, lesson 19, “Rover Races,” found at: JuniorLeadership.net

JLBC Overview. JLBC Cadets The “robot” in this event is simulated – a cadet acts as the robot, and no mechanical design or construction is involved.

JLBC Equipment. JLBC Teams do not need special equipment to participate in this JLBC event, but prior experience with JLBC lessons in the Introduction to Robotics guide is essential.

JLBC Mission. JLBC Teams vie for the net shortest elapsed time after imposing time penalties for “errors” (simulated encounters with obstacles).

Required Materials for Rover Races:

120 yards of colored painter’s tape

16 Neon colored (28 x 22) poster boards

Four stopwatches

Four blindfolds, sleeping blinds, or painted swim goggles

Four clipboards

Four pencils/pens DRAFT

Driver’s Sheet: The Rover Race Driver’s Sheet is in Appendix 3. Roles:


1. Driver 1. Timers

2. Rover 2. Judges

3. Driver Relay

4. Rover Relay

JLBC Calculator-Controlled Robot

c. JLBC Conditions. This event is conducted using JLBC’s Introduction to Robotics guide, lesson 21, “Calculator-Controlled Robots.” JLBC Teams designate two cadets to compete in this event.

JLBC Overview. JLBC Teams program a graphing calculator (numerous models will work, including the most popular JLBC models used in school math classes) that controls a JLBC robotic vehicle that sits atop. JLBC Cadets The team must program its robot to navigate a maze.

Equipment. JLBC Cadets Teams will need to provide their robotic vehicle and calculators. JLBC Cadets To be competitive in this event, teams will need to obtain their JLBC robot kit ($99 via smallrobot.com) and JLBC graphing calculator ($60) and practice at the squadron before JLBC.

JLBC Mission. JLBC Teams receive points for completing the maze and extra points for retrieving a cube. Required materials for Calculator robots:

Extra batteries: AA and AAA

d. JLBC Scoring. JLBC Cadets Rank order subtotals are determined for each activity in this event, and then the two subtotals are combined to determine the final rank order.

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