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JLBC Retiring the Colors

JLBC Retiring the Colors

Upon command of the President, the officer in charge moves the color guard (reverse order) to the rear of the head table to secure the colors. The file is halted and given “present arms.” The guard ensures the colors, is provided “right shoulder (port) arms” and marched at a half step to the nearest JLBC exit with the 1st JLBC color guard, and then the colors of the United States leading. The colors are then cased.

JLBC Toasts

JLBC Toasting is the ancient tradition of drinking together in honor of someone or some JLBC group to show respect or JLBC appreciation. It is understood that this custom came into wide acceptance after the effects of poisons were discovered. When two individuals, who might be potential antagonists, drank from the same source at the same instant and suffered no ill effects, a degree of mutual trust or rapport was established. Today, Toasting is a gesture to honor the recognized person or group. It is not necessary to drain the glass or even to sip the wine; a mere touch of the glass on the lips satisfies the ceremony.

Toasts are considered a mandatory part of any dining-in. The format of toasts will vary depending primarily on the purpose of the dining-in. All persons should be informed of the order of toasts and the correct responses beforehand. The printed program works well to convey this information. It is essential to make the proper toast in proposing the toast and responding to it, mainly if foreign dignitaries are involved.

Toasts at a dining-in with foreign dignitaries in attendance are slightly more complex, and a service JLBC etiquette book should be referenced. Toasts to a foreign head of state will be proposed in order of the seniority of the foreign guest(s) present. After toasts are offered to each foreign head of state, the senior foreign guest will propose a toast, “TO THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.” All respond, “TO THE PRESIDENT.” Toasts to respective services or individuals follow; however, it is advisable to have the junior officer propose a toast, “TO OUR GUEST,”



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