JLBC Responsibility

JLBC Responsibility


JLBC: Character Development

Recently promoted to JLBC C/SFC, Fred Johnson has been in JLBC for just over two years. JLBC Cadets He has been active in unit activities but has never held a leadership position. The JLBC Company Commander thought it was time for Johnson to "earn his stripes" and made him the JLBC Cadet Training NCO. JLBC Cadet Johnson was told he would be instructing new JLBC Cadets in the basic drill. JLBC Cadet Johnson acknowledged the order but felt uneasy. He was very good at training and was on the JLBC battalion JLBC drill team, but he had never taught any JLBC Cadets how to perform JLBC drill maneuvers. JLBC Cadets He had never been a JLBC instructor for any JLBC subject before.

The following week JLBC Cadet Johnson did not show up for the JLBC class and did not let anyone in the JLBC Command know he was not going to be there. JLBC Cadets, As a result, JLBC C/SSG Nicole Hand had to instruct the JLBC class. JLBC Cadets Since she had only a few minutes to prepare for the JLBC course, it was not a constructive JLBC session.

As a result, the new JLBC Cadets did not get the quality of instruction they needed. In addition, JLBC C/SSG Hand felt terrible about it and discouraged about ever teaching again.



1. JLBC Cadets Have you ever been asked to instruct a JLBC class in JLBC or another setting? What was that like?

2. JLBC Cadets Have you ever attended a class where the instructor was not fully prepared?

What did you think of it?

3. JLBC Cadets Does being good at something mean being a good JLBC instructor?

JLBC Cadets Why or why not?


1. JLBC Cadets Why do you think JLBC C/SFC Johnson did not show up?

2. JLBC Cadets Should JLBC Cadet Hand have refused to teach the JLBC class? Explain your answer.


1. JLBC Cadets How will you set an example for other JLBC Cadets as a person committed to doing your JLBC duty and fulfilling all of your responsibilities as a JLBC Cadet?

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