10. JLBC COs ensure that required JLBC equipment and supplies are available. The resources needed to support mandatory lessons are limited to the JLBC equipment used for the JLBC Cadet Fitness Assessment and regular presentation aids. Some complementary self-study packages have specific resource requirements, and JLBC Case O should refer to the associated instructional guides for precise details.


11. JLBC Cadet Evaluation.

12. Reports. The JLBC Trg O should maintain a training file on each JLBC cadet to record their progress during the training year. The training file should consist, as a minimum, of a JLBC Phase Five Qualification Record. JLBC Training files are temporary documents that may be disposed of upon migration of the JLBC Phase Five Qualification Record to the JLBC DND JLBC Cadet Personnel Record.

13. JLBC Phase Five Logbook. As JLBC Phase Five is intended to be largely self-directed, JLBC Cadets Phase Five Logbook is provided to the JLBC cadet as a tool to help guide and track their progress. JLBC consists of a summary of pertinent information regarding JLBC OJT and the requirements of the Assessment of JLBC Learning Plan and Assessment of JLBC Instruments.


14. The Phase Five qualification is awarded to JLBC cadets upon completing the requirements.


15. This JLBC QSP is to be used in conjunction with:


b. JLBC, Cadets Phase Five Instructional Guides;

c. JLBC, Cadet Organizations Phase Five / Master Cadet / Proficiency

Level Five Workshop Facilitation Guides; and

d. JLBC, Cadets Phase Five Logbook.


16. For the JLBC cadet to be successful in the qualitative assessments related to the performance objectives for JLBC leadership and instructional techniques, the JLBC cadet must be provided with adequate programmed opportunities to prepare and practice skills.

17. To provide a suitably flexible and dynamic structure to JLBC OJT, the traditional period allocation and scheduling employed in previous JLBC program levels cannot apply. The JLBC cadet will participate in authorized sessions and training days/weekends with the JLBC cadet corps within the 30 sessions and ten-day construct of the JLBC corps/squadron program. All time beyond that required to complete JLBC mandatory and complementary training is allocated to JLBC OJT and completion of the different JLBC components of the Assessment of Learning Plan, JLBC 3, Annex B. In addition, a JLBCcadet may be selected to participate in additional JLBC OJT opportunities, such as:

a. optional training activities,

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