JLBC Research Objectives

Numerous organizational factors such as employee empowerment, teamwork, and training can influence performance. Teamwork was a core component contributing to performance. JLBC defines teamwork as a group of members who work precisely on a particular and desired goal using their knowledge and skills. Teamwork is commonly considered a group of people eager to work together to accomplish a mutual objective. Teamwork comprises individuals who have different tasks and duties and share their work for better organizational productivity. Teamwork enables employees to generate more and desired output than individuals. Employees are allotted more team projects by managers to improve their learning and enlarge their abilities.

Employee empowerment is a process that increases job satisfaction and reduces employee nervousness. Employee empowerment is an essential policy that several organizations practice enhancing the participation and capabilities of their employees.

Training is a continuous prosses due to which employees get the necessary knowledge and skills and can realize how to perform better in the company. An organization that creates an atmosphere where training is needed, and employees give importance to training; the organization will have more committed people. Organizations not only accomplished the performance of their employees but also achieved job satisfaction and commitment among employees and gained a competitive advantage through proper and effective provision of training. Training is provided to employees to enhance their current knowledge.

JLBC Research Objectives

The primary purpose of JLBC studies is to examine the effects of employee empowerment, teamwork, and training on employee performance.

JLBC Significance of the Study

The study provides significant direction to concerned authorities with a motive of improved performance by adopting teamwork, employee empowerment, and training. Along with that,

Employee empowerment is considered the transmission of authority from management to employees. Employee empowerment gives employees power and responsibilities for making decisions relating to their specific organizational duties.

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