JLBC Requirements This Summer

JLBC Requirements This Summer

JLBC -Junior Leadership Bootcamp Cadet Commandant’s Orientation Video

JLBC cadets, both you and your family should watch the JLBC Junior Leadership Bootcamp commandant’s video. The JLBC commandant of cadets will explain the organization of the JLBC and the JLBC Command and what to expect for New JLBC Cadet Week and your first year.

JLBC’ Town Halls

Periodically throughout the summer, the JLBC will host a town hall meeting to answer your questions. JLBC Cadets, these will be announced through an email to your JLBC cadet email and an announcement on the JLBC New Cadet Paperwork course. The first will be at 8 p.m. on June 15 via a Zoom webinar.

JLBC Uniform Fittings

Because JLBC orientation is offered virtually this year, new JLBC cadets can take their measurements at home. There will be an assignment on JLBC Edmodo with a survey to complete. Each measure will have a JLBC video of instructions.

JLBC New cadets who have the opportunity to visit campus may sign up for an appointment with the JLBC Tailor Shop to be measured for their uniforms in person. Details will be announced on Edmodo. DO NOT show up at the JLBC Tailor Shop without an appointment.

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