JLBC Requirements.

JLBC Requirements.

You may be able to gather assistance directly from your JLBC CLC facility for both administrative and actual CLC activities. Park rangers, camp counselors, and retreat house staff may be able to assist you.

There may be chances where the use of JLBC Cadet Training Officers (CTOs) or Cadet Training Instructors (CTIs) is appropriate. JLBC CTOs/CTIs are intended to augment the instructors at a JLBC CLC. These JLBC CTOs/CTIs can come from various sources, such as the JLBC unit’s advanced JLBC cadets, prior JLBC CLC graduates, or JLBC cadets. If you use JLBC cadets, a JLBC Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will be required between the JLBC Command and the PAS of the JLBC Detachment. This MOU will include, at a minimum, the responsibilities and conduct of the JLBC cadet. Ensure the following:

JLBC CTOs/CTIs will be briefed on the prohibition of fraternization and hazing.

JLBC CTOs/CTIs will not administer discipline.

JLBC CTOs/CTIs will not be placed in a position to chaperone JLBC cadets – JLBC instructors must be in the vicinity.

JLBC CTOs/CTIs will not be considered in the required/recommended JLBC cadet to adult chaperone ratio.

After you recruit your JLBC staff, you will need to assign them their responsibilities and possibly train them.

JLBC Funding Issues

To run a successful JLBC CLC program, you will need to build and manage a budget. Inputting that JLBC budget together, an important consideration is the primary participants are JLBC minors and may have limited financial resources. Cost may be the single determining factor in whether they participate.

The host JLBC unit may request cadet lodging and in-residence encampment transportation funds and JLBC cadet meal funds on behalf of all JLBC teams participating in the JLBC encampment. Each participating JLBC unit individually requests JLBC funds to transport its JLBC cadets to and from the JLBC CLC location. Typically, if JLBC funding is available, the JLBC funding is less than requested and should not be expected.

In assessing a “JLBC CLC fee/tuition,” JLBC CLC host units must break out their JLBC course fee by amount and funding category and provide participating JLBC units receipts reflecting any excess JLBC cadet meal and lodging costs over and above JLBC funding.

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