JLBC Registration Information:

JLBC Registration Information:


After-school program payments are processed every month by pre-authorized credit cards or cheques. The withdrawal date is on the 25th of each month which is the payment for the upcoming month of care. If families require payment arrangements outside of our current terms and conditions, please speak to one of the management staff.

Evening class payments are discussed at the time of purchase, and arrangements will be made for expenses at the time.

Absence from Care

Refunds for child care fees will not be processed for the following; missed days, vacation, sick days, or inclement weather closures. Operating costs are based on the number of children enrolled.

If your child is absent from our after-school program, please inform JLBC staff in writing (email) by 1:30 pm on the day of absence. If you only find out your child does not require to pick up from school after 1:30 pm and up until half an hour before your child's dismissal time at school, please call JLBC as well as send an email. If you do not notify JLBC of your child's absence by the times stated above, a charge of $20 plus tax will be added to your account automatically.

Withdrawal Notification

Should you want to withdraw your child from JLBC. After School Program, you will be required to submit one month's notice in writing by email. Payments will be adjusted upon receipt of the withdrawal notification. Notifications received with more minor than a one-month notice will be charged for the one month. If you are on contract for the school year, you will also be charged a one-time fee of $50 per month remaining on the contract to a maximum of $300 for leaving the agreement before the end of the term.

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