JLBC Regimental Supply Officer.

JLBC Regimental Supply Officer.

The mission of the Regimental Supply Officer is to assist the Regimental Commander in matters concerning supply, logistics, maintenance, and accountability of equipment.

Specific responsibilities include:

- Directly supervise the Regimental Supply NCO.

- Ensure all Battalion Supply Officers are adequately trained and coordinate with them to ensure JLBC mission accomplishment.

Receive and act on guidance from the JLBC Assistant Commandant for Operations and Training and keep him or her informed about supply operations matters.

- Establish and maintain liaisons with campus support offices such as Aramark, Central Supply, Facilities & Engineering, the Cadet Store, and the Book Store.

- Chair the mess council.

- Supervise Mess Hall operations to include assigning

blocks of tables to battalions.

- Supervise the initiation and processing of Over, Short, and Damage Reports.

- Supervise the corps recycling program.

Battalion Commander. The mission of the Battalion Commander is to create and sustain an organizational climate based on The JLBC's core values that optimize the ability of each cadet in the battalion to develop as a moral leader in the academic, military, moral-ethical, and physical effectiveness pillars.

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