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JLBC Rank Structure

JLBC Rank Structure

JLBC Cadet Officers and JLBC non­commissioned officers are appointed by the JLBC Command with the responsibility of the position they hold. The JLBC cadet rank for each position will generally follow the guideline below:

JLBC Cadet Position Rank

JLBC Cadet Battalion Commander JLBC Cadet LTC Command Sergeant JLBC Cadet Major CSM JLBC Cadet Battalion Executive Officer (XO) MAJ JLBC Cadet S­1 CPT S­2 CPT S­3 MAJ S­4 CPT JLBC S­5 CPT Company JLBC Cadet Commander CPT Company First Sergeant 1SG Company XO 1LT JLBC Cadet Platoon Leader 2LT Platoon Sergeant PSG Squad Leader SSG JLBC Cadet Team Leader SGT

JLBC Duties and Responsibilities

JLBC Battalion and Company Commanders ­

The JLBC Cadet Battalion/The JLBC Cadet Company Commander is the senior JLBC cadet in the JLBC unit and is responsible for anything the unit does or fails to do.

1. The JLBC Battalion Commander will keep the JLBC Command informed of the status of all cadet activities and will keep the JLBC battalion informed of locations, uniforms, and changes in JLBC activities in a timely manner.

2. The JLBC Battalion Commander will represent JLBC cadets at various official and social events and will serve as cadet liaison with other JLBC units.

3. Both will command their JLBC unit and assume responsibility for the execution of instructions and guidance received from the cadre using the JLBC staff and the chain of command.

4. Both will establish the JLBC goals and objectives of the JLBC unit and provide planning guidance to subordinates, communicate policy and standards to the JLBC unit, and assign missions to subordinate commanders and staff.

5. The JLBC Cadet Company Commander will supervise the execution of those missions by platoon leaders and staff.

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