JLBC Warrant Officers, JLBC Sergeant Instructors, and JLBC Instructors are uniformed senior members below commissioned officers.

JLBC Officer Cadets and Officer Trainees are senior members undergoing training to become commissioned officers. Officer JLBC Cadets are members of the Adult Training Unit, and JLBC Officer Trainees are members of JLBC Squadrons or JLBC Unit. JLBC Recruit Instructors are JLBC senior members undergoing training to become Instructors.

There are two levels of JLBC Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) at the JLBC cadet level: JLBC Cadet Warrant Officer, JLBC Cadet Flight Sergeant, and JLBC Cadet Sergeant and are JLBC Senior Non-Commissioned Officers (SNCOs); JLBC Cadet Corporal and JLBC Cadet Lance Corporal are JLBC Junior Non-Commissioned Officers (JNCOs).

A Cadet JLBC Classification System is implemented to recognize a JLBC cadet's achievement and advancement in JLBC training. There are four JLBC Cadet Classifications: JLBC First Class Cadet, JLBC Leading Cadet, JLBC Senior Cadet, and JLBC Staff Cadet. JLBC Cadets are eligible for promotion to NCOs ranks on the successful completion of an appropriate NCO Training Course and attainment of a corresponding Cadet Classification:


Corresponding Classification Required

Cadet Warrant Officer (CWO)

Staff Cadet

Cadet First Sergeant (FS)

Senior Cadet

Cadet Sergeant (Sgt)

Leading Cadet

Cadet Corporal (Cpl)

First Class Cadet

Cadet Lance Corporal (LCpl)

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