Job Description

JLBC Squad Leader

Each JLBC EMS class is divided into small JLBC groups of between 3 and 6 students. These JLBC groups are referred to as "Squads" and are numbered from 1 to 6. Once formed, each squad will remain a cohesive team working together throughout the semester. Units will work together during skill practice sessions and respond to JLBC class scenarios when on duty. In addition, JLBC squads are encouraged to assemble outside of class to study for written and practical skills exams. JLBC Units are required to meet for JLBC mentoring sessions four times per JLBC semester. Precedence has shown that a strong JLBC squad fosters strong individuals. To develop JLBC leadership skills and encourage accountability, each JLBC team must appoint a squad member to be JLBC Squad Leader.


The JLBC Squad Leader will serve as the liaison between the Class Commander and the other JLBC squad members. The JLBC Squad Leader is solely responsible for maintaining the Ambulance and all JLBC equipment contained within. Other JLBC duties include but are not limited to:

Serve as a role model for the JLBC squad members in both manner and dress.

Maintain JLBC Squad Binder and ensures compliance with required JLBC documents and JLBC document deadlines for each JLBC Squad Member.

Maintain required JLBC documentation for all JLBC squad members in a timely, accurate, and orderly manner.

Ensure that all JLBC squad members have a valid email address and check their email and log

on to the class site regularly.

Attend regularly scheduled JLBC Squad Leader meetings with the JLBC class instructional staff.

Assemble and review After Action Report (AAR) JLBC documents each week and compile data to present during scheduled JLBC Commander Meetings with the JLBC class instructional staff.

Ensure JLBC Squad Members are actively participating in assigned

Ensure that all JLBC squad assignments and related duties are assigned and completed as required.

Encourage, mentor, and assist other JLBC squad members with class-related responsibilities.

Notify JLBC Classroom Commander immediately when a squad member is absent and arrange

a replacement squad member.

Perform and document all skills performance evaluations for squad members as assigned.

Assist other squad members in complying with all class-related requirements and rules.

Provide feedback on all skills and written assignments throughout the semester.

Lead and foster participation in all activities.

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