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This second example, provided by Company G, Third Regiment, United States Military Academy, is offered to demonstrate the “Grog” recipe at the Academy. The cadets follow the same format as above; only alcoholic beverages are not a part of their ceremony, so the ingredients have a unique flavor and significance.

“GROG” Recipe, Company G-3, USCC

Chicken Wings: Signifying all the hours spent at the Firstie Club and various taverns around New York State where Gopher firsties gather in fellowship and strengthen the leadership bonds within the company. Wherever there are wings and beer, you will undoubtedly find a crowd of Gopher firsties.

Grass: We have toiled for hours and days on the Plain, tuning our military skills and becoming more disciplined by the minute. The Plain has taken a lot out of us in four years, and we took a little of it back.

Ice: We have a traditional football game on the first snow every year; firsties and cows vs. yuks and plebes. We can see who is boss on the playing field where everyone is supposedly equal through this game. (The upper class has never lost to my knowledge). Anyway, the ice represents athletic and friendly competition.

Red Punch: Represents the bloodshed by many of our fellow Gophers on Branch Night for the Class of 1998.

The last ingredient is not essential in what it is (a table sauce of sorts), but it represents Robert Whitfield, a former Gopher who died of cancer his cow year. The Whitfield Award commemorates his memory each year and is presented to the best squad leader in the company.

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