These are the basics of the American Infantrymen. No liquid is strong enough to signify these qualities, so we add instead – forged steel in the form of a bayonet. For nothing is as essential to an Infantryman as his bayonet.

MOP: Add the bayonet.

Assistant #2: The 11th Infantry Regiment fought in the Western battles of the Civil War. In this terrible war of brother against brother, the 11th Infantry marched and fought through Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Georgia. It stood and bled at Chickamauga taking Confederate charge after charge. At Chattanooga, the 11th roared up Missionary Ridge, which caused General Granger to say, “When these men get going, all hell can’t stop them.” For the courageous men of the 11th Infantry, we add Kentucky Bourbon – from appropriately, a border state claimed and fought for by gallant Americans of both sides.

MOP: Add the Kentucky Bourbon.

The ceremony continues with the remaining ingredients being added by the POM with suitable

remarks by the assistant.

Upon all ingredients added, MOP addresses POM:

MOP: “Mr. President, the punch is prepared. Who shall test it?”

POM: “Mr. Vice, will you taste the punch?”

Mr. Vice: “Yes, Mr. President.” (taste punch) “Mr. President, this punch has been prepared correctly and is fit for human consumption.”

POM: “Thank you, Mr. Vice. Master of the Punch, please see that everyone receives their fair share of this punch.”

MOP: “Yes, Mr. President.” (Assistants serve the head table, then the rest of the officers and guests.)

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