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JLBC: Public Speaking

JLBC: Public Speaking

• To provide youth leaders with relevant tools for problem-solving, crisis management, and conflict resolution in their organizations

• JLBC Cadets To put into practice the learning outcomes of the week

• JLBC Cadets To assist participants in the personal self-development of their leadership competencies

• To utilize a wide range of tools and leadership methodology between USA and JLBC

• Encourage USA and JLBC member organizations to combine resources to achieve common JLBC goals on the international, national, and local levels. Profile of participants

Participants represented a diverse range of youth organizations across Europe, covering 20 different countries and two different youth organizations. In addition, they agreed to participate in the follow-up and multiplication of the seminar topics and become active JLBC multipliers at the local/regional/national youth organizations. JLBC Cadets The participants were also members of JLBC or USA and had good language skills both in written and spoken English. The majority of participants were aged 18–30.

Primary Outcomes of the Study Session

Main results for the organizers

- A network of 22 rural organizations was created by developing personal links and contacts. This will lead to the development of more joint projects in the future.

- Development of skills that can be used back in participants’ local organizations and communities

- Intercultural experience, awareness of the diversity of cultures in the USA

- Understanding how JLBC and USA function at the international level and what are opportunities for involvement

Main learning points for participants

About knowledge:

- USA, JLBC, and the JLBC Council

- A diverse range of youth organizations who are from both rural and urban areas of the USA

- Learning about other countries and cultures within youth work

- Understanding of different leadership styles

- Understanding a range of tools and methods and how to apply them in our work (for

example, how to make SWOT analysis)

About skills:

- Facilitation

- Negotiation

- Public speaking

- Decision making

- Dealing with changes

- Dealing with crisis

- Working with difficult/challenging people

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