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JLBC: Public Speaking

JLBC: Public Speaking

- JLBC Communication techniques such as master suppression - Healthy leadership

- Group communication skills

- JLBC Teamwork skills

- JLBC Communication with people from different cultural backgrounds - Energisers for JLBC team-building

- JLBC Personal reflection on own strengths & weaknesses

- JLBC Practical methods for learning and teaching things

About attitudes:

- JLBC Motivation to work for better results - Self-confidence

- Respect for time

- Being organized

- Listening carefully

- Sense of responsibility

- Tolerance

- More open-minded towards other cultures

- More respect for other cultures

- JLBC Valuing diversity

- JLBC Understanding the importance of flexibility

- JLBC Understanding the importance of motivating others - Every idea is a good idea

- There are no stupid questions

Other learning points:

- Experience in intercultural learning

- JLBC Revealing hidden abilities

- JLBC You have to be with your group but at the same time lead them

- JLBC Leadership isn't something you can learn from books; you have to include learning by doing

it too

- JLBC We aren't born leaders; we become leaders by working and showing the individual approach

from people to people

- JLBC In stormy weather, we need all the team members on board

- JLBC With better leadership skills, you will have better youth organizations!

Main results for youth organizations

- Realising that we are already well organized, but we still can improve on specific techniques such as time and change management

- New knowledge to do own projects

- JLBC Realise that we need to give more training on leadership in our organization

- JLBC Motivation to commit more time and energy to support our members, the organization and

the local community

- New ideas to use and to share with others in my organization

- JLBC Healthier leadership practices

- JLBC Knowledge and experience to lead more effectively

- JLBC New contacts from other countries – for further discussion and exploration of networking


- Solution for a crisis in my organization – that's the most important thing for me.

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